What Now? 

You have explored the library and built your skills. The hunt for words has led you to growth as a writer and now you feel ready to tackle your next adventure: Writing. 


You have so many options as you move forward. Maybe you have already self-identified as a writer and you want to write your first completed novel. Maybe you still aren't ready to title yourself as a writer and you want to move forward by exploring other genres and styles. Maybe you want to further your skills as a poet. 


The choice is yours. Your final task for the semester is to write. Push yourself to try new things, new styles, new genres. Write, seek out feedback, revise, and start again.

At the end of the semester we will have a virtual reading and an in person reading (COVID permitting) where you will choose one of your final pieces to share with an audience of your peers, parents, and facilitators. This is where your hard work will pay off. 

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